Lancaster Software can help you build virtually any website or business application you can dream up. If all of your requirements can be captured in a Business Requirements document and Technical Spec, then your application can be built.

Web Applications of Tomorrow

The websites of the future will be based on Model-View-Controller architecture and Rich Internet Applications that use client-side runtime engines like Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flex to provide a user experience close to that of a desktop application.

Lancaster Software reccommends building any new website using MVC or RIA architecture. The days of legacy post-back style web applications are numbered.

DotNetNuke Web Portals

The DotNetNuke content management platform is an open source platform built on ASP.Net and SQL Server. If you need to get a sophisticated web portal or content management system up and running quickly, DotNetNuke may be the way to go. At Lancaster Software we are experts in building out, deploying and managing DotNetNuke web portals for our clients.

Rich Internet Applications

The Silverlight platform is one of the top 3 RIA engines that is capable of taking your website to the next level. If you need to build a highly interactive website with a rich user experience similar to a desktop application, then a Silverlight based website may be just what you need. Move beyond legacy post-back style web applications and see what a RIA website can do for your business.

Desktop and Mobile Applications of Tomorrow

Windows desktop applications of the future will be based on Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation and be deployable over the Internet with next to zero effort. Technologies like Click-Once deployment and CSLA allow for advanced windows applications to be built in record time and scale out to meet any demand.

Lancaster Software reccommends building new Windows desktop application using WPF, WCF, Click-Once deployment and a versatile business/data layer framework like CSLA. The days of client installers and DVD deployments are numbered. It is now possible to get all the benefits of a desktop application with the ease of deployment and version control of a web application. Before you settle on building a web application just because they are easy to deploy, let us show you how powerful and versatile Click-Once deployment is.

Windows Applications

WPF is the next generation presentation layer technology, replacing Windows Forms. With WPF, user interfaces on the desktop will be far more powerful and capable than they are today.

Advanced Frameworks

Powerful open source frameworks like CSLA enable fast development of n-tier applications that are robust, flexible, secure and maintainable over the long term.  CSLA is one of the most versatile application frameworks on the market.

Report Development

Advanced reporting technologies like Active Reports and SQL Reporting Services provide Windows applications best in class report functionality, including end user report designers that allow anyone to create their own reports and dashboards.

Mobile Applications

Many applications are starting to appear on the mobile phone.  The Windows Mobile and iPhone platforms offer smart phone users the best mobile app experience possible.